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What We're Following Today August 11, 2020

What Are Different Generations Reading?

Ever wonder how our tastes might be different based on our generational category? What are the silent generation reading? Boomers? Get X, Millennials and Get Z? This article has a bunch of fun infographics that discuss just how our reading preferences are different or alike. I also think that life stage plays a lot into it - are you reading for learning? Enjoyment? Etc. That can all vary based on disposable time and interests as part of our life stages.

It will be interesting to see this over time - how it might have compared to habits 50 years ago, how it ties back to publishing capabilities (i.e., was much harder to get published 50 years ago versus today’s world of online publishing, etc. Let’s face it, even we have a blog…).

Anyway - this is a great page and you should take a look at it when you get a chance, particularly if you like reading and how it relates to our culture(s).

What Might Different Generations of Amish Look Like?

In an attempt to think about communities that may have more stability than others when looking at generational divides, I started thinking about communities that progress “slower” on certain things like technology, etc. Amish came to mind. Different groups of Amish are more steadfast than others, but this post from a few years ago had some similar questions. It might be a good topic for some researcher or ethnographer to take on. Looking at 50 year swaths of those in Amish communities to see how their young have reformed their lifestyle and the battle to move “forward” within the different generations. I have to admit, as I get older I find my natural inclination to prefer things as they were or are versus how they might be. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Having the tension helps to keep our progress in check enough to make sure we don’t obliterate ourselves. But there are many days when I clearly submit to the idea that things were better (not easier) when we lived more simply and didn’t have so many things tempting us away from a more “meaningful” existence.

Great Grandmothers Impacting Lives of Their Children

This is a fun post I found yesterday that calls out some of the reasons we love our grandparents. There are always some of these great stories that help us find the positives in intergenerational interactions - for me, the memories are wonderful. Part of being around your grandparents and grannies, is that they give you something you truly crave as a kid - time. You truly carve out the time and a kid never forgets it. Whether it is cooking your favorite meal or sitting with you and telling you funny stories about your mom…they show you with every conversation that our elders serve a valuable role in the upbringing of our youth.

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