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What We're Following: May 28, 2019

Updated: May 30, 2019

What we’re Following Today, May 28, 2019

Fraud Alert:

Scammers are posing as Social Security Administration Officials. Be on the look out.

Parents of Athletes:

As parents sometimes we neglect to think about the facts when we watch our kids playing sports, etc. The cost of competitive sports is going up and false expectations about scholarships or professional elite status may be putting an unfair burden on pocketbooks. Don’t get me wrong, I will likely have delusions of grandeur too when my girls get older, but I will be taking a stoic’s view to balance performance with expectations; and consider investing in their other passions if the promise of future “reward” doesn’t match up with realistic evaluation J

Emotions Often Felt When Downsizing.

What to do when the kids don’t want our stuff? This is a nice piece to think about the value of the things we have accumulated. I read this and thought there are 1,000 questions that need to be asked to understand why…We live longer, so we are older and have kids with established lives when it comes time to offer the things we had…style changes don’t permit a blend of sentimental within smaller spaces and more modern pieces…the cost of many things today is so cheap compared to in the past that getting something for “free” can be more of a burden than just buying something new? I don’t know, but I love the sentimentality of this editorial and bet many can relate.

A Vulnerability Could Have Compromised Nearly 885 Million Records

First American Corporation, a leading title insurance provider, noted a design defect in one of their production applications that led to the vulnerability. I think Agile Design serves a lot of good for speed of innovation, but it can also be a headache for cybersecurity pros if speed to production opens up a back end data vulnerability…

Politics and People with Young Families

I’m all for this bill. I think if there are financial barriers to getting a better or more widely representative pool of candidates in local politics, then there should be ways to make sure we get the best candidates coming forward. Daycare is indeed expensive and could be a major barrier to getting people who could bring different voices into the campaign cycle; raise awareness about things that are affecting them in day to day life.

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