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What We're Following June 25, 2019

Staten Island Boomer Population on Decline

This is a great look at how people / analysts can take a look at census data in order to look at communities and planning, etc. There are a couple of ways to look at this - people leaving en masse because of financial and/or other reasons. But while Boomers are leaving they are being replaced by people from other generations. Businesses and municipalities need to think about how to structure the community based on changes AND what the drawbacks of policies may be when chasing long term residents out of neighborhoods they once “built.” What do we potentially lose when we don’t have a “blended” community and what do we gain by living in places with more people like “us?”

Millennial Preferred Cities for Living

In keeping with demographic analyses, I looked at an article calling out 5 of the top cities attracting Millennial talent. It also highlights some of the other elements that impact those aged 25-34 including political and diversity topics. By ignoring “stereotypical” assumptions based on labels and concentrating on hard data / differences, we can start to understand more about each other and also recognize opportunities in business and/or social interactions to incentivize a greater interaction between generations. Personally, moving towards homogeneous communities brings concerns around true understanding between people at different life stages AND increased tribal separation between people from different generations, geographies and more.

Medicare Error Could Have Messed With Coverage of a Quarter Million People

If you or a loved one deals with Medicare Part C or D, this article may be worth a read. Apparently, “A “processing error” led to premiums for Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) and prescription drug plans (Part D) to go unpaid nationwide for 250,000 retirees - all the way back to January - according to Social Security and Medicare.

For more information read below.

Top Hobbies for People to Take Up in Their 40’s

Looking for things you could do for the next 30-50 years ore more? Here’s a post on BestLife that deals with 40 options to consider…What? 40? The good news, you don’t have to do them ALL :) But some of these are really some good options to consider when thinking about how to keep the brain healthy, bring your kids into something you love and more. Astronomy, Chess, New Drinks to Learn, and volunteering are just a few. Enjoy.

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