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What We're Following: June 13, 2019

What Power Users Do on Facebook

PC Mag called out 24 tips for people to get the most out of their Facebook experience – tools and tips about powerful services and investigative features that you may not have known about. Couple of things I was interested in – saving posts for later, and downloading a copy of all your facebooking…although technically that means all information continues on as an endless chain of info…useful and scary?

Interesting Look at Top ROI Colleges in US

I don’t know where the data comes from, but it’s an interesting look at where your HS kid might get the most bang for the buck. In this list, the US Merchant Marine Academy came out on top with over $1,000,000 in a 20-year net ROI while having a 4-year cost of $34,900. Other more expensive colleges are in there too, but this small list does have some ideas for people with kids considering college in the next few years. Some require sacrifices in personal liberty (i.e., military), but offer a look into programs that provide income worth the expenditure.

Reverse Mortgages Not Always the Best Solution

Reverse mortgages are an option for many seniors, but in some cases they can prove problematic and may not always be the right option. Read this article to understand some of the negatives. Sometimes they may make sense, but as we live longer, we might be looking at debt tomorrow in favor of dollars today that may not last as long as we do.

Career Pivots at 40 Years Old

Many of us wonder about what might be on the horizon or what is next as we look at our careers at 40 years old. Do I plan to stay in this career? Am I looking for something different? Is my role on the verge of becoming obsolete? These questions are important and will reflect a need to create opportunities for learning and training THROUGHOUT our working lives. When we think about careers that will easily span 60 years among today’s workforce entrants, our approach to “careers” will need to change. In the meantime, here’s some ideas of what to think about when you think a “pivot” might be in order.

Tips for Making Major Changes in Your Life

Here’s an editorial with some helpful guidance on making changes in your life. Changing lifestyles, health strategies, employment, etc. are all things that can create stress in life, but are often NECESSARY in order to give us a better future. However, starting change is “easy” but continuing change is difficult. These largely psychological and mindset change tips are helpful ways to make sure your next big change is sustainable.

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