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What We're Following June 12, 2019

Camping Trends Higher Among Younger Individuals

Good news – despite tech dependency, our youth and younger adults are looking to spend more time outside camping. Multicultural groups also saw spikes. Regardless of age, getting outside and experiencing nature is always a good way to take some time to disconnect from technology, get space to reflect and connect with your family.

Elder Abuse on the Rise

Elder abuse reports are on the rise in Los Angeles and Nationally according to The National Adult Protective Services Association. As many as 1 in 9 of our elders are submitted to some form of abuse with financial abuse topping the list. Take a look at the data in this article and let’s think about how we can move back to being a culture that celebrates our elders.

Zoning Powers Foster Discrimination Too

Zoning can play an important part in designing our homes / towns and cities. But sometimes, even without intent, they can create zones that discriminate. This particular editorial is written by a person in Boston who discusses the need for family friendly zones to be included when designing cities. Example, areas that focus on Studio and 1 BR apartments are often unwillingly screening out those with young families from entering the space. Read more here to get an interesting perspective on the power of zoning – even in your own space.

15 Things Moms Should Know for HS Graduation

From what to wear, to who to invite and more, this article is a nice read for those in Graduation season. It’s light, fun and conversational.

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