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What We're Following July 8, 2019

Home Office Design For The CEO in You

Here’s an article that talks about some of the helpful ways you can set up your home office to work like a CEO. It’s based on the feedback of other “CEOs” working from home at times. Things like having a second chair and other ideas were interesting to read. Obviously you have to look at space and budget, but it is interesting to think of different ways to organize YOUR home based office.

Annie E Casey Foundation - A Blog Worth Looking Over When Considering Community Planning and Development

This organization strives to deliver service in support of children and families in America. One aspect of raising children out of negative situations is planning communities with nurturing ideals in thriving neighborhoods. They look at a variety of ways to do this with community leaders and are a valuable source of social data, etc. Take a look at the link below or explore their site more broadly.

Some Social Security Questions You or Loved Ones Might Be Contemplating

If you have Social Security Distribution questions, you should reach out to qualified professionals to provide guidance specific to your situation. However, as you may be researching things online, this article has a few real questions from real people that could provide you with some insight on things like survivorship, distributions and taxes.

Dementia Care Culture Should Change; Become Less Efficient to Become More Efficient?

We’ve heard of many of the changes and innovations around the care for those with Dementia as it becomes more prevalent because we’re living longer. There are new communities that are being set up, but they can be expensive, so then we may need to see more empowerment of home care professionals / skilled nursing employees, etc. to become more empathetic. They may need to change from looking at themselves as being “service providers” like bathing / cooking / etc., to being those who are socializers as well as service providers (i.e., sitting and visiting, playing games, etc.). This sounds intuitive, but in our American society, we really focus on things like efficiency / tracking / etc. These things don’t “play” well with relationships that might require not meeting certain quotas, etc. Definitely something to consider…become less efficient to become more efficient?

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