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What We're Following July 5, 2019

An Individual Woman’s Approach to Paying Down Student Debt Faster

Penny hoarder provided a look into one woman’s example of how to pay off college debt faster.

Mad Magazine Gone after 67 Years

I was shocked read this today that Mad Magazine was closing down after more than 6 decades as a magazine poking fun at American Society and more. I always felt like I was reading something I shouldn’t have when I got my hands on a copy, but the landscape is changing and they haven’t been able to change AND make enough to survive. Hopefully someday we’ll see Alfred E Newman again though. While it may be sun setting, I think the sun may rise again in some form or another.

Technology Testing to Clean the Ocean

Forbes talked how this company will begin testing its tech to eventually tackle the floating island of debris in the Pacific Ocean. Hopefully we’ll be writing about a success story in the coming years.

4th of July Stats

Here’s an infographic with some fun 4th of July stats. $1.6 billion on wine and beer? $5.4 million for foreign imported US flags. And more fun facts.

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