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What We're Following July 19, 2019

Simple Ways To Have a Healthier Summer

Heading into this weekend where the Northeast is expecting some high heat and humidity (as high as a heat index of 105+), I thought it would be good to post this article posted yesterday dealing with some simple things we can all do to plan and prevent more serious summer ailments. Many of these suggestions seem like common sense, but I know from personal experience that I have lacked that common sense at times (i.e., how many bad sunburns have I had in my life?). There really are some good things to remember in this article and it’s worth a quick read.

Lifestyle Choices Still Best Bet To Combat Alzheimer’s

An article in the Scientific American notes that scientists and researchers are still optimistic about finding solutions in the future for Alzheimer’s, but recognize that in the near term, the best things we can do are to start making lifestyle changes. 5 Simple things they call out:

  1. Exercise regularly

  2. Eat a healthy diet

  3. Keep your brain active

  4. Reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  5. Sleep

There’s a lot of science behind it and if you want the details on where things are at, click the link to read the article.

This Bill Could Save Retirees Around $1,800 a Year

The ability for Medicare patients to be able to opt into an HSA will help many to put away some money for healthcare without any impact on Medicare coverage, but it could allow people to save money because of the tax benefits of an HSA. As with any of this, I would talk to a financial person and Medicare specialist before making a move, but according to the article, someone would save an average of $1,800 a year and on a fixed income, that is a significant amount. Read more below.

Top 10 Causes of Death by Age Groups

Here’s an image on the CDC website that talks about the most common causes of death by age group here in the US. I will be cautiously looking out for this “unintentional injury” character.

I found the information interesting and as a person who likes data, I might want to look a bit further into the unintentional injuries a bit more - thinking about what are some simple things we can all do to reduce the chances of having one. Things like Bike helmets, wearing seatbelts, etc. Outside of that, Malignant Neoplasms sounds ominous…

There’s some cool data shown here fairly simply. Take a look and I am sure there are many more stats available if we dig a little.

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