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What We're Following July 16, 2019

Divorce Is A Loss, Needs Treatment Life a Grief Process

Many people this year, in the past and further in the future will go through a divorce. Almost all of us know people who will deal with one this year as well. Divorce is just like the death of a loved one, except the death is that of a marriage. Dreams, common history and many other emotional and functional changes can drive people into depressions and more. In this post, there are some helpful things to consider and understand for empathy or guidance in your own story. One important thing to note, while the struggle is real and often takes a long time, life gets better and we humans are resilient to where we not only cope, but we overcome the grief inside.

Screen Time For Young Children

Here’s a post from wfmz in Eastern PA and Western NJ about some tips to build screen sense into your household when dealing with little children and modern technology. While they recognize the debate about beliefs for the restriction or abstinence from screens when really young, they also mention that there can be some good guidelines to help inform whether or not to introduce screen time to kids. A couple of things to consider according to Joscelin Rocha-Hidalgo [Doctoral Student at Georgetown], “What they like, what they don’t like, their mood, temperament.” Essentially, if you are monitoring the content and the child’s mood, then incorporating some screen time would be OK. Other good tips are in there as well.

4 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Helpful article in Forbes about some things to ask a financial advisor to make sure they have your best interests at heart. Worth a quick read to be a little more informed for your first, or next communication with your advisor.

How to Overcome Worry When Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s

Worry is one of the many common emotions felt by caregivers, and it’s not a bad thing unless it goes unchecked. They give some tips that seem rudimentary, but if you actually apply them, it should help to manage anxieties better. One thing that stuck with me, “worrying rarely leads to solutions.” It also calls out the need for a good support system for when things may seem overwhelming.

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