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What We're Following July 15, 2019

Ageism Decreases As Generations Socialize Together

Very promising research suggesting that interaction between younger and older people together helps reduce the stigma of ageism. While it seems intuitive, the suggested research documents some effective “interventions” that help to make this possible because let’s face it, there are not always a lot of activities that span generations that occur spontaneously. Things like after school programs or community activities can all be ways that people can come together to reverse the dogmas of “generational” thinking.

An Interesting Take On Learning A Second Language

Most would argue that learning a second language is best done at an early age. I would agree with that commonly held theory, but this blog post does articulate some of the nuance associated with learning a second language at different times in life. For example, most of us can’t provide an immersive 2 language environment, that is often the advantage that second generation immigrant families have where kids are immersed in English and another familiar language. But here they do say that different learning environments can produce different results at different times in our lives. So for my kids, I am hopeful that someday we can get them into some schooling early on, but it will require more funds, etc. But for me as well, the self paced learning may be the best environment and could help me when I am ready to learn another language as well.

Flatulence Leads To Fugitive Arrest

On the lighter side, my wife heard a story on the radio this AM and I had to share it. Apparently there was an alleged criminal hiding from police, but his location was revealed after passing gas loudly. I’m sure he/she

Unsolicited Advise - Avoid, and You Could Avoid Regrets :)

I came across this article from a small Ohio publication. Note, it does have some religious notes in the beginning, but the story is true for SO MANY of us. It’s a good heartfelt article about a personal story where the author started offering some unsolicited advice to his wife who was visibly distraught. In the end, her emotional reaction was to snap back and he talks about how he wishes he had approached that situation better. I can speak from personal experience that I have been guilty of this too. With pure intentions, we want to help “fix” what is wrong, but in many cases we are not really helping the other party. While this article focuses on how he could have helped / listened better, it was also good that his wife noted that everyone does it regardless of age, gender, etc. and that it was water under the bridge. In the end, we are getting better at communicating with each other in every generation and its good that we can reflect on when we may have been wrong (even if the intention was good) and how

School Budgeting Wisdom for Parents

This was a really interesting post by Alice Holbrook. She’s a writer at NerdWallet and outlined some real actionable ways to approach budgeting for your kid’s school and extracurricular activities. Important notes in here are prioritizing what is really important for how you want to parent and what you want your child to learn AND the importance of saying no to things when you know that financially you need to be conservative. If you have kids, are on a tight budget, or know people that fall into that place, she may be a writer worth following!

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