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Ageism in Politics

Enough is enough - yes there is a need to evaluate the health of ANY candidate. We all know that as we get older our risks for certain types of conditions increase. But conditions are not "age specific". I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I hope he recovers and I hope he lives a long and healthy life.

The press is abound with commentary on how old is too old, etc. The fact of the matter is that people in any position need to be evaluated on multiple levels for their competence. Health and wellness is one of those levels, but people should not be excluded from public service because of a line drawn by people that says someone cannot be fit for service if they are older than XXX. These headlines I have been seeing today drive me mad!!!

If you are not fit to run for office (mentally or physically), you shouldn't run. You do the public a disservice if you do. But that isn't age specific...someone who is 30 years old and diagnosed with a terminal disease should also consider removing themselves from an election. The idea behind an election is to find the most qualified person with the best ideas that match your ideals and hopes for the municipality, state or country where you live.

Even in this article in the New York Times (, they bring up the same issues mentioned above, but how did I get there? A headline on that said Bernie Sanders Health Scare Sparks Debate Over Age and Elections...

This is the reason so many people claim that Ageism is one of the only acceptable "isms" left in our culture today and I have to admit that I believe them. Would you ever expect to hear something like this anymore: Female Candidate's Pregnancy Sparks Debate Over Gender and Elections...Or how about African American's Battle with Sickle Cell Sparks Debate Over Race and Elections...?

Sorry for the rant, but I have seen at least 10 news headlines today that refer to age and the presidential election. I know plenty of people who are younger who I wouldn't vote for in the upcoming election. Age simply doesn't play into the equation. Anything can happen at any point in time (cancer diagnosis, accident, assassination, etc.). ANYTHING. I only ask that physicians clear someone, that there is some sort of trustworthiness in that clearance, and then we let the people win us over. If you want to rule out people 70+ then find me someone who is younger who is more appealing - they aren't the frontrunners because of age alone...

I needed to put this up for my own peace of mind...It's time to remember that we need to evaluate people at an individual level. Unfair groupings have hurt this country enough - stop thinking in labels and groups and let people win you over OR turn you off based on their actions and behaviors...

Scary Rant Face Below :)

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