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What We’re Following Today September 4, 2020

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Skipping Rocks - the right way

I love skipping rocks. Any time I get to a pond or river or the ocean, I just am drawn to it. It’s almost therapeutic and I have an uncanny patience to just spend ALOT of time throwing rocks. I don’t know why, but I’m sure I’m not alone.

I guess I really just love it when you get that great toss and see it skip forever. I know there is a technique, but haven’t really thought about it that much. So here’s a video of a guy who built a rock skipping robot that helped teach his family how to properly skip rocks.

So if you’re out with your grandkids or children, you might want to watch this video. Could help you get the right technique and wow the young ones with your rock skipping prowess!

Elder Abuse - It’s Disgusting

Any abuse is disgusting for that matter, but elder abuse strikes a special cord with me. Sometimes an elder, particularly one with dementia, may act aggressively and some form of physical confrontation might be unavoidable, but repeated and constant abuse is another story. I don’t want to rationalize it in any way, but all cases require due diligence and should be carried out with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Too many times we are quick to judge without hearing all the information, and I might be doing that here, but this is the kind of story that seems to have enough facts to call it out and use it as an example to people about the need to monitor and protect our loved ones. This story is of a hired caregiver getting paid to “care” for a loved one. After another caregiver raised the alarm (kudos), the family installed video monitoring. With that they saw their worst nightmares coming true. The other caregiver was filmed hitting her client 150 times or so over a 4 day period.

It’s a lesson that home monitoring is likely a good expense to justify even if not “necessary” AND that we need to be advocates for our loved ones as much as possible, even if we are not there to monitor signs of abuse personally.

South Korea With Increase in Covid Cases

South Korea was very successful in confirming the Covid outbreak in the early periods of the disease’s move outside of China but has recently seen an uptick in cases that need more serious treatments. They are ramping up the number of beds to help those who need it, but are facing new strains on their health system.

This is not meant to raise an alarm. Just to watch a country that did have positive results early on that might be dealing with some latent complications of a successful lockdown. Many who read my stuff will likely know that I appreciate caution but also know that viruses like this can’t be controlled 100% until treatments and preventative tools are identified. Therefore I favor informing the public, advising of best practices, but then allowing people to make their own choices, especially when we see a mortality rate that rivals flu and other conditions. If it was smallpox or appeared to attack all ages equally, then the public would need to adjust accordingly. But indefinite lockdowns are also not the right solution as people struggle to resume a life connected with friends and families.

No right solutions - plenty of wrong ones...only time will truly tell.

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