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What We're Following Today September 26, 2019

Did You Know Our Conference is Saturday?

If you haven’t heard Chris Salem speak, he is opening us up at 9:00 AM on Saturday September 28 for our Caregiver & Aging Conference at the Michael J. Adanti Student Center at Southern Connecticut State University.

Unsolicited, I have had four separate communications from people either attending or who can’t but wanted to who said Chris is a fantastic speaker and will kick it off on the right foot! Kudos Chris for a strong fan base :)

But it doesn’t end there - there are 13 other sessions ranging a wide range of topics. Fraud, Estate Planning, Family Dynamics in Finance, Intergenerational communication, grief, caregiver resources, Medicare, and MORE. We have authors and respected professionals in their fields, and real life people sharing their experiences. And it’s free!

Still time to register:

How to Start a Home Baking Side Hustle

The Penny Hoarder is always good for some clever ways to save or make money. This article works for someone who might want to do some home baking as a way to make some extra coin by leveraging a talent one has for baking. However, the steps called out in it actually apply to almost any other talent one might be able to leverage…perhaps not “literally” but they still apply when starting a new business and figuring out how to define and market it!

NPR’s The Hidden Brain - Are We More Partisan Than Ever?

I am somewhat of sick of our political landscape today. I lean more conservative, but consider myself independent. To put this in perspective, since I could vote, I have actually voted democrat 4 out of 6 presidential elections. But the rhetoric on both sides for me is getting nauseating.

At any given time I might agree with a traditional conservative position, and at other times I can agree more with a liberal position. I have friends and family who are on both sides of the aisle. But I see social posts and other communications that call out - this group is evil, or this group is stupid, etc. But yet, I recognize the people posting these things are decidedly “not” evil nor stupid…

The name calling just seems so counterproductive when we really look at the individual level. I don’t know if we as Americans were ever “nonpartisan”, but it just “feels” worse now. Before we resort to name calling, and stereotyping, maybe we should get back to a place where we understand that we all come to information from our own experiences. Sometimes someone may not agree with you and still NOT BE WRONG. They simply have different perspectives and beliefs that influence their position on a particular topic or another. Oh, and they can agree with you on other problems or issues.

We need to embrace multiple viewpoints, be respectful in debate, and identify the REAL ways to change culture…name calling will never change the other side’s point of view. Don’t believe me? Try having a marriage or other serious relationship / friendship / familial relationship work when two people treat each other rudely.

Because of the climate, I wanted to understand things a bit more and found this podcast from the Hidden Brain on NPR with host Shankar Vedantam. He talks with John Hibbing about the differences in the brains between liberals and conservatives - things that do show how we approach the world differently as humans. Understanding each other better will hopefully allow for respectful debate and perhaps meaningful compromise so we can move our society forward rather than stagnating or creating an action / vengeance pattern that “seems” so prevalent today.

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