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What We're Following Today September 24, 2019

Where Can We Get Unbiased Views On The Political Candidates for President

I often feel like I am being told how to think through different media channels. Sometimes I feel like facts are being communicated and other times I feel like editorial is being communicated. Because the media are catering to audiences in order to sell advertising and drive ratings, I get frustrated when I am trying to get to facts that will help me make a decision between the different democrats and/or republican counterparts.

I am an independent voter and I want to take out “personality” from the equation, and potential appeasement language in order to compare people against the positions I want to know about. I found this information on Politico - I can’t say that it is any better or worse than others, but at least I am seeing something that nets out where people stand on particular issues. I will be interested in seeing this same info with Donald Trump compared AND any other relevant independents that are currently in the race.

48 Thoughts for Someone Turning 48

This is a nice light piece shared by RoseAnne Homola that gets at a mindset of someone turning 48 and some things she is currently thinking about. I wonder if you did this every year, how different our perspectives on the world would be? Perhaps not year to year, but if we look at decades, it could be very interesting to see how we change as we gather more wisdom and change perspectives…

How Do Other Cultures View Elders?

I found this little gem from 2016 that discusses how some cultures view their elders. Some hold them in high regard as a cultural norm, and others have somewhat different views. In general, most are very positive, but some may observe more obedience and reverence for their elders than others.

Chinese elders can sue their adult children if they are not given proper care, and Japanese life longevity is largely attributed to multiple generations living under one roof. Either way you look at it, it's an interesting look at some of the slight differences in how we approach our elderly that are exhibited in different cultures. Which is “right” is a judgment I can’t make…but having more information can certainly inform how I might want to adjust the way I age in my own culture…

Great Employees Don’t Complain, They Walk Away

As this article suggests, you can quickly name people who are great employees in an organization - people who do great things or help others do great things. Some will voice concerns, but they won’t stay forever and instead will leave when they think they’ve gone far enough.

The issue though is the potential for a vacuum in experience, knowledge and an intrinsic desire to improve an organization. I always say, anyone can be replaced and I do believe it. Sometimes there just isn’t a match, but the thing that I often “don’t say” is that the time for that person to be replaced can be difficult to estimate as it often involves downgrading expectations, capabilities and/or vision. And it can also require months / years to replace someone who knows how to work within an organization and its politics in order to make an impact.

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