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What We're Following Today September 22, 2020

World Alzheimer’s Day

Yesterday was World Alzheimer’s Day. This post on was a great place to link to a variety of different topics related to Dementia and even has a link to Covid’s impact on Alzheimer’s patients and their care. There’s also a link to more info about how Flu vaccinations may lead to reduced Alzheimer’s occurrence - but as with most early studies, we need to recognize that there may not be a causal relationship, but should investigate it further (in this example getting your flu vaccine may just be a factor that more likely predicts people taking better care of themselves…).

Digital Advertising - This Makes Me “Feel” Better Anyway…

Advertising is often thought of today as a younger person’s game, but this post on AdNews from Australia does talk through how things are changing and how experience has its very necessary place in any advertising and marketing engagement. In one part they do talk about today’s short term commitment to immediate sales rather than brand building, and mindset shifts when looking at generational breaks.

They also talk about how separating advertising into formats like “TV” or “Digital” is soon to become redundant as all advertising already takes into account a multimedia approach (example, Digital Advertising technically is just Advertising now…).

OK - Time to Get Back to Exercise…I Mean Adult Play :)

Here’s a post that identifies some tips we all need to follow in order to stay “safe” when we exercise. They are basic - but TRUE.

  • Listen to the Pros

  • Know When to Quit

  • Partner Up

  • Fuel Your Body

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