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What We're Following Today September 2, 2020

Prayer March in September Led by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

On September 26, 2020 Franklin Graham is leading a prayer march in Washington DC to pray for our nation and the healing we need if we are to get through these divisive times in tact. I wish I could attend, but its hard to do with the little ones at home now, but I do hope they can get a large population to participate as our nation needs a lot of healing if we're to start rebuilding a sense of individual respect for one another. The power of prayer is amazing especially if we're asking for the same things.

"“America is in trouble. Our communities are hurting, our people are divided, and there’s fear and uncertainty all around us. Let’s join together and do the most important thing: pray!”

– Franklin Graham"

First Time Home Buyers - Tough Market If Moving Out of The Cities and Into Suburbs

Many first time home buyers are finding a very competitive environment outside of cities as people look to relocate out of cities based on a variety of reasons from health, to expense and to safety. In this article from talks through some of these challenges.

If you're willing to look "inside" cities, you might find some bargains as home prices in top metros are generally down as people look to the suburbs - after all, a home office doesn't need to be close to an office nor does it have to be in a city now with access to high speed internet so prevalent.

While supply outside of cities is limited, home financing is still attractive with low rates. Long and short, first time home buyers should expect to overpay in competitive markets, but might have opportunities to purchase in cities in the short term since so many cities are showing net declines in housing values year on year.

This article has good info, but does seem to require an answer to a couple of silly survey questions to access the info. However, if you know someone looking at real estate right now, this article has good info to consider as you or a loved one is shopping.

As We Open Up - Back to Work or Retire?

This article on the Federal News Network Website was interesting as it focused on the decisions people need to make as the pandemic restrictions might start to be lifted. Many should be looking at programs where there are incentives to early retirement, etc. This is a helpful article with information about what to consider when making the decision to stay at work or to take a slightly earlier retirement.

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