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What We're Following Today, September 13, 2019

Charisma Characteristics

What makes a person charismatic? Power, Presence, Warmth? That’s the three qualities cited in this article in the New York Times that was forwarded to me by my uncle. I thought it was interesting to see what can make a person charismatic when we often simply refer to someone charismatic as having that “special something.”

They mention how it can be a learned characteristic and how it can also have its pitfalls when people seek to over extend their charisma. I don’t know if it dispels the idea of “that special something,” but it does certainly call out some interesting thoughts and insights into what makes someone worth following.

Old Coots Offer Free Advice

I LOVE THIS. Saw this on a post from a friend on FaceBook and had to share this story. I think I might want to have this same table next year at our local farmer’s market. “Old Coots Giving Advice” with the caveat that it’s probably bad advice, but it’s free.

It started as a joke for these friends in Salt Lake City, UT, but they started getting some serious questions, and while some of the answers they provide in this piece are funny (like: “Trouble with your boss? Find out his or her computer password and play porno on their work computer. The weird stuff. The stuff that no one wants to explain.”), they also likely provide valid advice. They even turned this into a podcast - I’ll give it a listen:). []

Wisdom is acquired through experience, and if you are looking to pass on this wisdom, it seems like a great way to connect and “liven” up your weekend.


An Intergenerational Mixer - Easily Replicable

I saw this post come up from a newspaper in Florida, the Osprey Observer. This event mixed youth with seniors at the Gardenville Senior Center. They had a mix of activities like games, and conversations, but the one that caught my eye was the one that mirrored a sort of “speed dating” exercise.

Seniors brought in items that represented some vivid memories. They were given 3 minutes to talk about the items with one of the youth and then the youth switched. I can only imagine how powerful this exercise could have been for those who were open to the experience. I wouldn’t venture to say that it was life altering, but it certainly is exposure to a lot of different ideas and thoughts from people with different perspectives than those who are in their immediate social circles. It also can allow people to pass on knowledge and ideas that are important to them, things they hope will not be forgotten over time.

The biggest thing for me was that this is a great idea, simple to implement and simple to replicate. How can we do more things like this in our communities and not just with seniors and youth, but with Young parents and experienced parents, college grads and aspiring college students, business leaders and new startups...?

Some Standard Ways to Make a Multigenerational Workforce Gel

5 Tips in this article that are not groundbreaking, but ring true. When these elements are included in managerial relationships and team dynamics, you will get more from all involved, but while they seem obvious, the practice of doing these 5 things is not so easy. Often times, egos need to be checked, control delegated and more.

Look for commonalities - NOT stereotypesDemonstrate respectCreate an environment of open communicationEmbrace individual perspectivesMaking collaborating easier

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