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What We're Following Today October 7, 2019

Intensive Parenting

This article in The NY Times calls out today’s American trend of “intensive” parenting where parents are more involved in the lives of their children than they ever were.

They call out some of the socioeconomic conditions which contribute to the ability to invest time and money into the children and the future divides it can cause but I feel it’s less about socioeconomic or demographic conditions and more about a desire to give your kids the best foot forward in a competitive world. That’s the central motivation that most people have, but yes, the ability to deliver that can vary greatly based on social and economic conditions for parents.

It does make me think though, that as we get away from “community” interaction on a regular basis, where we connect with others on a deeper level, do we fill in that void with artificial or paid for solutions that increase cost and burden to individual sets of parents. For example, when mom and dad lived in the same city or sometimes in the same house, could we give children the same amount of attention that was personal but just split across more interested parties? 

When we read articles like these it’s important to take out what is fact versus editorial. But there are some very interesting points in this article that should create some questions we all should consider as we raise our children in today’s intensive parenting culture.

Certified Aging In Place Professionals and Occupational Therapists

As our lifestyles change with age and/or family dynamics we are given many more choices in life about where we live. Do we live in our home we have had for 30 years? Consider downsizing and moving somewhere new? Consider more comprehensive care?

There are a lot of questions we have. This article on AARP’s site talks about using an OT (Occupational Therapist) and/or a CAP specialist (Certified Aging in Place) to look at our homes from a more functional perspective. They can work with you to decide what kinds of things you may want to consider for your own needs as you look to age in your current home.

On our own, we are not always aware of the options available to us, but through the eyes of professionals, we might see opportunities to improve the function of our homes as we age. Worth a read if you or someone you love is living in their older family house and might be thinking about how to make it a more livable space.

24 Life Lessons

Lolly Daskal had this post on, and there are some good general nuggets for people to refresh themselves on when thinking about life and career. It’s a short and simple list, but worth a quick read.

10% Weight Loss Can Lead to Remission in Type 2 Diabetes If Done Within A Short Time of Diagnosis

This is great news to see that some simple (ok not that simple) lifestyle changes can help put Type 2 Diabetes into remission within the first 5 years of diagnosis. This article on Web MD highlights a new study which shows the results of losing weight and its impact on exhibiting the symptoms of the disease.

The disease impacts nearly 400 Million People around the world. The sample in the study was pretty good with 900 newly diagnosed T2 Diabetes Sufferers with people aged 40 - 69 years old. What was interesting…the type of diet wasn’t as important as the simple fact of losing weight…ONE MORE Study that shows how lifestyle of eating correctly and exercising even a little can lead to a healthier life.

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