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What We're Following Today October 6, 2020

In light of what I was looking at yesterday I thought I would skip 10 years and look up some videos about what it was like to grow up in the 60’s. So in addition to having some similarities to today (civil unrest, government changes, etc.), there would also be significant differences too - among them, religious practice, marriage, etc. Here’s a link to a glib comparison between then and “today”.

What did some kids in the 60’s think that the year 2000 would be? Robots and computers everywhere making our lives somewhat boring / not very appealing. It’s interesting how some of the concerns then mirror some of our concerns today.

Here’s some sad pictures of how things looked in 60’s post card photos and how things look today (2017). Looks like an old resort or country club that fell into disrepair and never recovered. Some of these look like amazing spaces - how do we let this happen?

One editorial for the top 10 moments of the 1960’s. Rock and Roll (Woodstock), Civil Rights and International Relations…here’s a look at some of the more defining moments of the 60’s.

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