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What We're Following Today October 5, 2020

Today I happened across a couple of excerpts / documentary pieces about people who grew up in the 50’s. I think it’s something I might investigate a bit more - looking at what is out there on YouTube for people growing up in different generations. What kinds of things may have been instrumental in changing culture, etc.

For example, in the 1950’s, children became more “important” in the society and more attention was paid to their development and care. They were now seen as central players in the family dynamic (example, family lives revolved around children’s activities). Previously they were “seen and not heard” and today they are definitely “heard.”

Here’s one interview with a guy who talks through what he did when he was an adolescent during the 50’s and the Happy Day’s era.

Here’s a video about some people talking through how 1950’s parents felt about their children. Raising kids in new prosperity, some kids never quite knew what sacrifices were made to provide for shelter and food, but also how fathers were largely absent either physically and/or emotionally.

What might it have been like to raise a family in the 1950's? Here's a good little video that highlights some of the the things that people growing up in the 1950's would have been experiencing. For example, Dr. Spock - noted child psychologist began truly studying and trying to understand the child mind.

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