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What We’re Following Today October 30, 2020: Caregiver Info

Did you know November is National Family Caregiver Month

This program for caregiver essays is really a great idea. We know at Generation Bridge that we learn more from those who have been there before. Creating a repository of stories seems perfect to share the expertise and is a wonderful undertaking from this agency on aging. I believe they are out in Nebraska but if others know about this kind of program elsewhere please share.

Healthcare Startup Helping Elders with Caregiving Needs in Chicago

This upstart saw a need, particularly in this environment of health concerns within assisted living options etc. they have raised $18M to help improve tech and services offered to Chicago area elders and caregiver families.

5-part webinar series for family caregivers of dementia patients

Want to learn a little more about the options out there starting November 10. Learn more by looking at the link below to see if it’s right for you.

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