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What We're Following Today October 3, 2019

Good Genes in the Manning Family

Arch Manning, the eldest son of Cooper Manning (Peyton and Eli’s brother) is garnering a lot of attention as a freshman in high school. His grandfather Archie Manning has even stated that he is a little ahead of where Peyton and Eli were at his age. Those are big words though when you look at the hall of fame careers of two of the most prolific NFL QBs of all time…Perhaps there is some self service in there though as they don’t entertain talks with college scouts or others at the moment while letting Arch grow into his future self. But one can’t help but think they are driving the scholarship value up as well ;)

Veterans Legal Services Through VA

Here’s a link to free legal counsel services information from the VA. In many cases, if one can afford it, it is likely better to find private counsel, but when funds are limited, a good first recourse is through the VA where some facilities may actually have “non-VA legal service providers” who offer services free of charge.

Navigating what you are entitled to, or what services might be available to you as a veteran can be difficult. Big bureaucracies form over time, but then become self sustaining monsters that can create complicated paths to getting what you are entitled to. When things get difficult, consider looking for some of these types of free services that might be in your area. This link below also has links to other state resources and more.

Planning for the 3 Financial Stages of Life

This article is right up our alley. Life stage dictates behavior more than other things…when we look at our lives through that lens we can start to see how our informational needs, behaviors and strategies need to change.

This article has tips for those “Starting Out”, in “Peak Earning Years” and “Nearing Retirement.” Each o these stages has unique needs and they offer some fairly good tips that could help you be informed about the questions to ask and/or approaches to take when planning for your financial future and well being.

Coping with Depression

Many of us know someone who struggles with depression. It’s something that can force a person into withdrawal, but also can work to bring others into a similar state. Suffering from it is debilitating and watching someone struggle with it is also difficult on the heart.

I searched out a resource on coping with depression and wanted to share this post that I found on What I loved about this post was that it starts out saying that things are not impossible and that someone suffering from depression has more control than one might think. They give practical advice on starting small and boosting your mood a little at a time. They also call out the importance of finding a good support crew.

So because I’m a natural “fixer” by nature, I may not be the best support outlet :) I just can’t help it, the natural urge to fix is strong in my personality, but there are many out there who know what you’re going through. But finding help is important.

They offer 10 tips to stay connected…I love the idea of creating a pattern to help work a way out of a mindset. It does establish a behavioral way to build out…while you can’t likely do all the steps each day, being able to check off 1 or 2 would be great ways to “accomplish” something each day. Then add on some other things there (I.e., walk around the block, breathe for 5 minutes, etc.) and I could imagine that one would start to become more functional with each successful task crossed off.

If you suffer from depression or know someone who does, this could be a great article for you. Tons of great tips that could be put into place to improve the mindset of someone suffering from depression.

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