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What We're Following Today October 29, 2019

Why You Need to Make A Will Before Its Too Late

We don’t often want to talk about death, but death is a part of life. We take care of ourselves, or we don’t, but death can happen at any time. Having a will and/or when I die kind of document as mentioned in this Time Magazine article help to prepare for what will be inevitable.

The will isn’t just to keep the peace in the family, but it’s also to make sure that “we have peace of mind” to know that when the time comes we have done everything possible to make the transition afterwards as smooth as possible.

The When I Die file / letter is also great to help people know exactly where everything is. I have personally heard of stories where people had to open each page of every book in a home because money was hidden or stashed within the pages of books ($100 here or $100 there). Organizing where everything is will help an executor do the job you tasked them with.

Thanks RoseAnne Homola for sharing this article!

Diabetes and Its Risks

On a path towards diabetes like I am (overweight, struggling with reducing sugar from your diet, etc.)? I am at the start of a program to lose weight and eat healthier to help pull me off that path and reduce my likelihood to be placed on a prescription for the rest of my life (hoping to have a good 40-50 years ahead of me…).

November is National Diabetes Month. In this article they discuss some of the concepts we have all heard before (I.e., reducing or managing sugar or carbohydrate consumption, being active, etc.). At the end they direct us o some o fit places where we can get more information about meal planning tips and more…”Diabetes meal planning tips and related information are available on the CDC website at, and the American Diabetes Association at“

Parent Proven Tips to Encourage Child Reading

My kids are getting old enough now to start to think about how we are going to help encourage them to read. IPads and iPhones are hard to compete with but books still provide kids with a lot of enjoyment as they open them up and start to dictate the story according to the pictures on the pages. My oldest is starting to spell her name - whether from habit or knowledge that is debatable at the moment, but it’s an important time as she starts to associate letters with sounds, and words.

I looked online to find tips for encouraging reading, and came up with this post on They describe some helpful strategies to encourage reading. What was interesting and good to see was something in there that suggests embracing new technology in addition to more traditional approaches. Read below to find some helpful ways to get your kids into reading and consequently help them get a leg up on their futures :)

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