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What We’re Following Today October 28, 2020: Financial Topics

We had Tribute Financial present at last years caregiver and aging conference and their topic was really interesting. Financial advice by decade of life. It is helpful to frame strategies that can be used when building your retirement and life after retirement strategies. I looked to see if I could find something similar online and came across this article.

This is a helpful crash course and the info, while basic, is good to set the tone for what you should be considering as you go through life. Like early setting the foundation, and later organizing and consolidating accounts to make management “easier” for your own use and for use by heirs. The other thing is playing catch-up in your 50’s. But with people having kids later in life that might change in future years to catching up in your 60’s...

As always, where possible, reach out to credible professionals to come up with plans that meet your needs. There are people out there to help people from all income levels and stages of retirement sophistication. Take advantage of expertise whenever you can!

Top Fraud Issues / Trends 2020

Here’s a blog post with some helpful info on where fraud is going...some scary stuff out there. So be aware, as we go more digital the threat of fraud continues and scales...people and organizations are getting heavy on ways to steal money from many more people than they ever have in the past. And as digita finance continues to scale so will the risk and need to invest in security programs...

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