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What We're Following Today October 22, 2019

When a Child Is Concerned About Parent’s Spending Habits

This is an interesting piece from the NY Times Magazine. While the story is based on a child being concerned with parents, the same could hold true with parents concerned about children. The advice in here is really relevant for anyone who might feel responsible for others in their lives.

What makes this piece nice to read is that the original “questioner” is asking a specific question about their own situation. But their question will help so many who are in similar situations. The response will help many others still - even if the scenario involves “others”, the advice is still valid.

Further down the page there is a bonus question about estate planning when an elder is diagnosed with dementia and no longer able to make decisions for themselves. Another good read and illustrative of the need to be in control when we can so that our assets can be distributed according to our will. In the scenario laid out, it appears the father really did do this and as such we can hope the family respects that will.

Uh-oh…Dementia in Pro Soccer Players

Still new, this study from the UK and Scotland is showing a relationship between dementia and playing pro soccer…They had a good sample size, but even with large numbers when we start to cut and drill down, the sample sizes get smaller and smaller. That said, this looks pretty reliable and seems to make sense based on what we know about the increases in Alzheimer’s and brain damage when looking at athletes who deal with head injuries, etc.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this more as the years come. I played through college and then played after school in local leagues, etc. I’ve taken my fair share of punts out of the air, battled in the box, and more. Here’s to hoping my head will hold strong until my last days.

In Indiana? Here’s an Event Like the Generation Bridge Caregiver and Aging Conference

Caregiving is a major responsibility assumed by as many as 43.5 million people annually. We need help to drive people to the resources and information they need AND we need to keep it free because its the people who can’t afford to get older or care for those who get older who have the hardest time finding the resources they need to protect themselves from financial distress.

3 Ways to Get Extra Income in Retirement

Just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean you have to stop earning. This article in the Motley Fool calls out 3 ways to earn extra income. 1) Rent out your home resonated with me…If you are in a home that you think will be too much for you, maybe you don’t need to sell it. If you can, perhaps you can rent it out and bring in rental income while you live somewhere else. The other two were a bit more vague, but could still be relevant for the right people.

2) Create and sell an online course - perhaps easier said than done…3) Launch a side business - meaningful but you do have to look for what will match well with your skills and deliver the money you may need.

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