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What We're Following Today October 18, 2019

Healthcare Worker Potentially Tied To As Many As 400 Patient Deaths

After reading this story, I continue to see signs of classic human complacency and desire to abstain from conflict that likely allowed this person to systematically murder people over the decades. The troublesome thing here is within us as much as it is in him.

Apparently he moved from hospital to hospital when he thought hospital administrators might be suspecting him of criminal behavior. Ultimately he knew he was using certain drugs that would be difficult, if not impossible to detect, especially when you consider the health of his victims. But my concern is why we don’t alert the next hospital of our concerns? Why isn’t there some sort of formal note that can be submitted? Why wouldn’t we report our concerns to authorities to either confirm or negate suspicions?

There are lots of good legal reasons that likely protect an employee from being maligned unfairly. There are likely many liability issues that weigh on people where it is probably justifiable to simply say, not our problem anymore…But the reality is that this is the same kind of mindset that creates systematic abuse within organizations that goes unreported.

We should hope that employees could report something, have it noted, and then investigated under wraps to prevent trial by press. This way something could be investigated thoroughly before a potential issue for a defendant would occur. And the idea of financial liability shouldn’t be a question at all as we all need to own up to our mistakes and poor judgment; in the long run it will be invariably cheaper. Case in point, how many wrongful death suits might be on the docket now as evidence may exist that he was being investigated or suspected of this behavior throughout his career?

Halloween Jokes

I try on Fridays to find a few things that can make life a little lighter especially in light of the article called out above. We are going to our first trick or trunk event this weekend and I wanted to find some good halloween jokes for my girls and perhaps some of the people hosting their halloween stations.


Q: Why didn’t the skeleton want to go to school?

A: His heart wasn’t in it.

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?

A: A nectarine!

50 Ways To Find Inspiration

If you might be stuck or looking for motivation, this blog post on Tiny Buddha has 50 tips to try and get those inspirational juices flowing - in Nature, Online, in Yourself, and more.

There are some great suggestions. Enjoy!

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