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What We're Following Today October 17, 2019

Moving to a City Soon? Which Ones Have the Biggest Mouse and Rat Problems?

This article grabbed my attention this morning so I had to include it…maybe it’s not the biggest health issue we face, but on a real side of things, there are places where there are bigger health challenges than simply exercise and eating right. Some communities have sanitation and pest control problems.

This post in Consumer Affairs highlights findings from an Orkin study that compared the top cities in the US and identified the top cities with Rat infestations. The list was compiled based on the number of treatments they performed over a 1 year period. The top 10?

  1. Chicago

  2. Los Angeles

  3. New York

  4. Washington, DC

  5. San Francisco

  6. Detroit

  7. Cleveland

  8. Minneapolis

  9. Philadelphia

  10. Atlanta

Tips From a Homeschooling Mother

While most or at least many of us aren’t homeschooling our kids, we can still learn ways to teach our kids at home by listening to what other parents are doing when they are teaching their kids full time at home. They often have some great tips that are low cost AND effective ways to teach your kids at home.

I plan on looking up a few home science project ideas that the parent who wrote this blog post called out in her bullet point number 3: Dollar Store Science Is Still Science.

Dementia Care Facility Allowing Patients to Fight

I am not a fan of sharing something that includes pictures of those charged with a crime when they haven’t been convicted yet, but the allegations noted in this NY Times article bring up a very scary and heart wrenching question…How will we provide quality care for people who simply can’t take care of themselves anymore? Additionally there are videos that depict employees at the facility encouraging patient fights and abuse.

The police statement said employees “allowed residents to fight with one another, encouraged the fighting of the residents and one employee physically assaulted a resident by shoving the resident.” Again, these are allegations, so please understand that everyone has a right to be innocent until proven guilty, but let’s take a step back and think about the charges being filed.

The cost of skilled nursing are extremely high already, but that doesn’t mean that you have the most ethical or altruistically motivated employees across an organization. How can employees who ARE ethical be empowered to report and act when these incidents happen? How do we make sure that all people understand that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and shouldn’t start in the first place?

All I can say is that after reading this, I worry about our culture. I know that things like this have happened over time and across different eras - but aren’t we supposed to be getting “better”?

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