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What We're Following Today October 14, 2019

12 Innovations Fueled by NASA

Have kids studying the sciences? Maybe they’ll be the next scientists and engineers who will improve mankind through technology. Here’s a fun little welcome back Monday slideshow on MSN about 12 of the inventions attributed to NASA that we may not have immediately associated with them. And they don’t even call out TANG in this set…

GEN Xer Financial Saving Looks Scary With Only Half Stating They Have Retirement Accounts

Those aged 39 to 54 years old have savings issues as they start to get into pre-retirement planning. Only about half have savings accounts and many others who are saving are not contributing the maximum. There are many reasons, but as we live longer, and depend on social services more, that will put the brunt of the financial burden on the millennials and gen Z’ers coming up now.

Millennials and those who are “younger” are often called out as being the most financially at risk. But this study in Business Insider calls out that the Gen X break may be just as burdened and potentially at greater risk because there is less time to correct the issues.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Social Security

This piece in the Motley Fool calls out 5 simple things you might be able to do to get a boost out of your Social Security Payment. Note, everyone’s situation is unique and you should really consult an expert before making bold moves. This information is meant to just provide exposure to other ways of thinking.

But I never knew you could apply for a “Mulligan” if you felt you started taking your payout too early. But apparently you could knowing that you only have a 12 month window AND you would have to pay back every cent.

Ideas of Gen Bridges are Popping Up Elsewhere and I Love the Ideas People Have for Intergenerational Events

This social hour at a Brewery in Dorchester, MA outside of Boston showed a hunger for people to connect socially to share their stories across “generational lines”. Kudos to them for having an event like this and I think I may try to set something up like this myself.

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