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What We're Following Today October 1, 2019

9 Ways to Reduce Stress and Agitation in Dementia Hospital Stays

My big takeaway is carry a go bag with you / have a go bag prepared that has certain things like important documents often needed when showing up in an ER or hospital situation. It could also contain some simple things like comfort snacks and/or some games or activities to help as in a heightened state of stress, dementia can create agitated or heightened emotional states that won’t help your loved one nor the doctors.

There are other good tips included and if possible, getting someone else to help, writing down your understanding of all the symptoms and remembering to advocate for your loved one’s rights are all included. Definitely worth a read.

Words with Friends, Draw This - Hack Into Zynga

So many of us play one of these games with friends and family. Apparently there was a hack into Zynga the maker of these games and some information you have stored there could have been compromised. 218 million records impacted.

Some of this could have been high level things like names and emails, but it could also have revealed passwords and more.

I will be changing passwords on my Facebook account even though I don’t believe that I connected to Facebook on words with friends. Just in case. Here’s a link to an article about it. I am sure there will be more news in the days to come.

Considerations with Teen Pregnancy

There are many things that can go through a family’s minds, hearts and pocket books when their teen comes to them and says “I’m pregnant.” Some things to remember: -it’s not the end of the world -it will be tough, but if you plan and get involved, you can set a good example and help reduce the stress on the young mother or father -shame / punishing will not likely do any good in the long run

There are some other great insights in this article. It’s not “common” but it does happen. I think if we understand the stresses more, we can also help others who are in need - understanding what people may be going through can help us rise to the occasion and provide help where needed. Read more below.

Great Financial Education Classes at United Way in Georgia

Here’s an article / news story of a bank sponsoring financial education classes at the United Way in Valdosta, Georgia. Establishing and nurturing your credit, good discipline, etc. Anyone know if we have similar things here in Connecticut or in any other areas around the country?

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