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What We’re Following Today November 9, 2020

As we age, sometimes we wonder what is going on in our bodies. Men and women both think through this question, but because of our inherent physical differences we [males] run into some interesting things that are somewhat unique to us.

My ear and nose hair seems to have a mind of it’s own, and my belly is in a constant battle with my belt...are these male specific? Not completely I am sure, but we do have some things we should understand about how our body changes over time. Here’s a good link to an article that does walk through men’s body changes over time...

Here’s some good information on health strategies for older men. We need to do better (myself included) on managing our health as we age. Buildings muscle mass and flexibility are important - check out these 7 strategies.

Benefits of spirituality and religion in our lives - this article calls out some findings from a study that illustrates some of the long term health benefits of religion and spirituality in ones life. This is particularly beneficial for coping with isolation and meaning in one’s life.

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