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What We're Following Today November 8, 2019

How To Wash The Hair if Someone Who Is Bedridden comes through again with an interesting post for today as they describe ways for caregivers to wash the hair of someone who is bedridden. They even have a video in this post that can show you some of the techniques you could use.

It Was Ageist, But Any Dismissal Based on Age Is Ageist

The “ok boomer” phrase I ranted about yesterday draws more criticism. Again, if being heckled, you have a right to defend yourself, or make sure others don’t take your time, but dismissing based on a quip meant to cause pain - because that is just what the phrase ok boomer or ok snowflake is “meant to do” - is wrong.

Can we get back to a place where an insult was creative and specifically targeted to the individual? Maybe it still is meant to cause pain (sigh. Yes not a good thing- and I recognize my hypocrisy here - so let’s say we should strive “not” to insult each other...but if we do, let’s be original :). ) An insult like his hits an entire swath of a country you’re supposed to be representing - I mean, don’t you think she has people in her district in New Zealand that are over 55?

At one time the people in legislative positions knew each other intimately and the insults were indeed “better” or at least more targeted and original.

What One Woman Has Learned After Interviewing 300+ Successful Women

The one common thing she says these career women have in common is charting a path to success in careers they love. In this post Carrie Kerpen describes some of the characteristics that she has identified in successful career women. The interesting thing to me though is it would seem that these would mirror many characteristics on successful men...

So I would recommend this post for both men and women who are looking to find success in the careers they love :)

Here’s a Funny Dog Video for Friday

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What a wonderful idea! These 'twiddle muffs' are great for any age who might find confort from their anxiety, --whether or not it stems from dementia. They look so colorful and bright and fun!

a group looking for knitters:

Various projects to help others with your Knitting or crocheting :

Patterns in case you are ready to make some of these fun twiddle muffs:

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