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What We're Following Today November 5, 2019

What Next in California?

OK, earthquakes, fires, flash floods - dams? This article in MSN Weather, talks about the Army Corps of Engineers and their worries about potential flood hazards in California in desert areas. The Mojave River Dam may be in need of some additional maintenance and new emergency preparedness preparations.

True possibility of failure is minimal, but with it over 50 years old, there were some new concerns that arose after some recent inspections. But as climate change potentially is increasing the volume or frequency of big storms, the risks of flash floods does increase too. If we have communities that rely on dams or other structures to control flooding, what might happen if we start getting bigger floods? Definitely things we all need to think about as infrastructure ages or needs change over time.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Yes, this is basic and straightforward common sense information about preventing back pain. But many people suffer from chronic back pain, and it can seriously impact people’s lives. And when we get wrapped up in life, sometimes we need common sense reminders.

  1. Strengthen your muscles

  2. Treat your back with care

  3. Keep your bones strong

  4. Talk to your doctor

Anything in here something that would surprise you? Are you suffering with back pain? Are you doing all 4? Are you really….? See common sense reminders are important ;)

How to Have a Successful Career Fair

The basic premise of this article which calls out strategies for a successful career fair around one held in Indiana for IU Hoosiers is “preparation.”

If you are attending a career fair at your college, take some time and know who will be there (companies) and what kind of role you are looking for at those companies. From that you can tailor or personalize some resumes and make sure you have more targeted conversations with prospective employers. You are competing, so if you can separate yourself from the masses when making face to face contact, it can help you rise to the top of the lists of follow up conversations.

Also, personal advice, remember, you aren’t trying to “get” the job there per se. Set realistic and attainable goals. For example, I want to secure 2 interviews. I want to secure 5 follow up conversations and get the contact information of 10 HR reps from companies in attendance. Take the job if they offer, but you are really just trying to network, make connections, and then close the deal later on.

Small Business Advertising Ideas

So you have a small business and like so many others don’t have the expertise to navigate some of today’s new advertising methods AND you don’t have the budget to hire others to help grow your business. This is a common issue for many of us small business owners and our varying degrees of capital / expertise.

Here’s a link to a February posting on Small Business Trends with 50 ideas you could use. Some of the online suggestions are helpful as they give you a place to start to create some of the basics / necessities in order to make sure your business comes up when someone is looking.

Quite honestly, there are some good suggestions in this piece. I’m going to review it more thoroughly and see what I might be able to do in order to accomplish some basic growth targets :)

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Great advice on how to make your marriage happy through 90 years!!!


Ran across this article. Realized I need to understand more about “ POSTS” forms and that my adult children perhaps should sign a HIPPAform for us parents to be able to have in case of emergency, otherwise we will not be able to get information from a hospital and be able to help if they are incapacitated.


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