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What We’re Following Today November 19, 2019

Ok Boomer Parliamentarian in New Zealand. The Town’s Reaction

A couple of weeks ago we heard about the New Zealander who said “ok boomer” to a colleague in the parliament. This blog post investigated the district where the parliament member resides and found that there isn’t really an underlying resentment nor bias based on age, etc.

It’s a good look however at how people from different generations can look at their situations and understand that while there are challenges, and how these challenges might be different, that it doesn’t mean that one group’s challenges are any greater than another’s. Just different.

Continued Look At Ok Boomer - a Meme or Something Bigger

Recent weeks have ratcheted up the discourse on the Ok Boomer and Ok Millennial battles. NPR did a piece on it. There are tensions but my hunch is that it’s not based on general discord and will likely does out soon. But it does reflect what Generation Bridge is about. Let’s get away from this kind of ageist bs (on all sides). And let’s get back to holding ourselves personally responsible for acting with dignity and letting the individual and their actions dictate our approach to them rather than acting based on inaccurate generational labels.

Intergenerational Interaction a Necessity

Looking for excuses to justify intergenerational workplaces or interactions? This piece describes some of the necessary changes we need to make on society to look at Intergenerational collaboration as more of a necessary way to live life. Mentoring, wisdom when in a crisis, learning from the younger, etc. Read through this to see another perspective on the benefits of Intergenerational interaction.

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Such a personal story. Highly recommend listening to the entire 50 minutes for yourself, and for any role you may find yourself where you are responsible for a loved one. Very thoughtful and balanced thoughts on medical intervention and life extending measures, and comments on life quality.


OK Millenial (that's me I think) --OK Boomers--Let's all get along! :) I'm all about total inclusion and respect for the talents and special attributes of any individual, or group of individuals. When I started to homeschool in the wonderful pre-internet days, I found very specific and exclusionary groups. I was successful at getting the groups to open up and be more welcoming, sharing what their own 'best practices' were with others. Because of my honor and respect for all, I feel like that was the reason my group grew to untold proportions and was super successful. The largest and busiest with activities for both kids and parents in the state. Because of that I was nominated and…

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