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What We're Following Today November 18, 2019

We had a great session about making our Health and Wellness a priority in our lives with Dr. Stephanie Soalt, a naturopath at Absolutely Healthy Living Center in Shelton, CT (, and Antoinette Meinel, a Certified Personal Trainer at the Lakewood Trumbull YMCA. There were some quick points I wanted to call out today while I develop a more comprehensive summary for publication in a newsletter.

They graciously gave their time but also shared their wisdom. The questions and answers of our audience were fantastic! They show just how much each of us has to approach our health from an individual perspective. Each of us has our own challenges, and some things will work for us while for others they won’t work. Both Stephanie and Antoinette approach all their customers from an individualized approach and their answers to those in attendance no doubt helped people start to answer some important questions they all had.


1 thing that came up was Cortisol, the hormone often associated with fight or flight responses that is an indicator of stress in our lives, and apparently it is also tied to many other factors that can contribute to some of our chronic issues…Here’s a definition on cortisol…

Some things that cortisol can impact:

Poop Tells a Story

Another thing that came up was what our “poop” can tell us about our health. I actually knew this at one point in my life, but never really thought about it, but after hearing Dr. Soalt talk about what kinds of indicators can be associated with our poop. So I looked up some things online and this post is pretty good about talking through some of the health indicators that we can learn by turning out heads back for a couple of seconds…for some, ewwww…but given my sense of humor, I am looking forward to the new task :). Haha.

1 Gallon Motivational Water Jug

Water consumption was a topic and Antoinette and her sister had this very cool water bottle which was 1 gallon and motivational throughout the day. It should be noted that every person is different and the amount of water they should drink can vary, but “in general” we need roughly we need to drink about 1 oz. for 2 lbs of body weight (someone 100 lbs. should think about getting at least 50 oz. or 8 glasses of water a day).

I’m someone that struggles with getting enough water - coffee no problem, but water…well these Gallon jugs that we saw on Saturday had the hours of the day on the side and motivational statements next to each time like 1pm, keep chugging and 9pm You Did It.

I’ve ordered one for myself and my wife…

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The workshop was very interesting, I learned quite a few things, and was inspired and re-energized on taking charge of my health!

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