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What We're Following Today November 15, 2019

How to Make Your Digital Life Part of Your Estate Plan

Bob Carlson, a contributor on wrote this piece about what people should be thinking about from a “digital asset” perspective. But your digital life should be part of how you approach estate planning.

For example, you may have subscription services that family members may need to cancel and therefore they may have to be given the power to do so without much “fuss.” Try canceling a utility bill for someone else, even with power of attorney…not always easy.

Fortunately, Bob states that the issues around digital estates from a legal perspective are much easier to deal with now, but sitting with your attorney and discussing these things is something you need to consider.

Looking to Be Inspired by Other People?

This blog post / opinion piece may have some bias, but at least they qualified it with the 23 most inspiring people “for him”. But sometimes when you are looking for something to bring you out of a funk, the answer can be found just a google search away. Here are some people you may or may not have heard of before who could help you to get inspired or motivated. There are some interesting people in this list.

6 Tips to Help Support Caregivers Over the Holidays

This piece in illustrates some of the things that many caregivers may neglect to mention as sources of stress as the holidays come. Caregiving is a stressor in and of itself, but imagine now that you are being asked to still fulfill those duties while also being tasked with spending the appropriate time with family, maintaining traditions, etc.

If you are attending a holiday meal or get together with family, AND your family member who is taking care of someone AND putting together the meal, ask yourself what you can do to help lighten the load. Then as you branch out from that, ask yourself what you might be able to do to lighten the load at other points throughout the year…even if you are long distance, you might be able to hire a maid service to do some cleaning for a loved one for a day, or you may be able to have some meals delivered, etc. And of course, any respite you can provide is also a godsend.

How About Some Friday Jokes About Marriage

Reader’s Digest Strikes Again…Some are corny, and some are good…but hopefully we can look at these and laugh :)

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