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What We're Following Today November 13, 2019

How To Get Up From A Fall If You Are Older

If you don’t subscribe to’s emails, you might want to consider it if you are in a care taking role OR if you are getting older yourself and want to prepare for what could be coming in the future.

They had a good piece today about the ways you can help a loved one get up after a fall. Sometimes, if you can’t get up, it can become a real emergency - you might be there for days if you can’t get up to your phone or to signal someone. put this post and linked to this video to help people know what they can do, OR how you can help someone else get up without further causing more injury.


Note: I found another Video resource for caregiver training -

Link to Post:

When Social Media Serves a Good Purpose

A man proposed to his future bride in a KFC and was filmed from behind a window. While they planned on having a small wedding, social media has come through to help organize donated items like cocktails, clothing, and more. While I am sure there were plenty of haters out there, I love when two people make a commitment to each other to be the other’s one and only.

What’s great though is to see that people went out of their way to help find this couple AND begin to help them organize a dreamier day than they might have otherwise imagined.

Here’s the Twitter Story…

Medicaid’s Power to Recoup Benefits Paid

This is an article in Rampino Law’s newsletter - a law firm out of RI. So it should be noted that this is written with respect to RI law, but I believe the concepts are worth getting out there.

Thinks like Spousal survival come into play, but the State can come after people and estates for back fees associated with Medicaid. Irrevocable trusts can also help to shelter assets from having liens placed, etc.

Some good tips in here and other newsletters they send.

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