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What We're Following Today November 11, 2019 - Veteran's Day

To all our veterans out there, thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your willingness to put yourself in harms way to protect and serve Americans and others around the globe.

Wondering What To Say to A Veteran?

Here’s a page with 60 or so messages that you could use to inform how you thank someone for their service.

Vets Don’t Just Protect Us When They Are Overseas…

Here’s an article on that depicts some times that vets helped save the lives of others - and this isn’t always on the battlefield. Vets receive training that can help them prepared to act in an emergency situation. For example, in this article with 7 examples, there are stories of people stepping up during active shooter situations, terror plots and robberies and more.

So when we think about veterans we have to remember that they often carry the scars and the benefits of a military life for a lifetime. But when we see how some of these brave individuals acted, we can appreciate that we have stewards of our safety out there to lean on when the time comes.

Veterans Are Good Improvisers

Ok - so these videos are from the British Military - but I know our vets would have similar improvised techniques to cook in the field. First, here’s how to make an improvised oven / stove.

And here’s a way to cook a loaf of bread…in that improvised oven…

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