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What We’re Following Today November 10, 2020

An Intergenerational podcast called policy wise will get my attention in the coming days to hear what they are about. They note the youth movement and its power today but also generate policy discussion around multiple generations. Could be a good Intergenerational tool to get people working together for real issues in today’s culture.

Here’s some work being done in the UN to help generate inclusion across generations; young and old alike. While it talks more about the inclusion of younger people, I think we all should be careful about neglecting the wisdom of experience in favor of simply engaging the young. Government should include ALL. If we have neglected younger generations then we should absolutely change that, but we have to be wary about inclusion of one group in “favor of” another group. That said, Intergenerational governance makes total sense :)

Women’s health issues later in life.

Here’s a brief article on common women’s health issues as they age. Many things are similar to men and many things can be avoided through better health overall (diet and exercise).

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