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What We’re Following Today May 8, 2020

Don Shula Dies at 90

I’m not a Miami fan, but I saw this pop up this AM on my feed and I thought it worth noting. I can’t speak to coaching style, tactics, version of the man, so I won’t pretend that I can. But he was the winningest coach in NFL history. I am always respectful of people who performed consistently over a long period of time and rose to the top of their games. And of course ANY death is one followed by grief for those who loved the person. So here’s a Friday salute to a great coach and we can all pray that his family and friends are comforted in a time of loss.

Aldi’s - Another Reason To Shop There

Aldi’s appeared on the Gen Bridge radar when we looked for places to shop for healthy foods on a budget. They are part of the same company that owns Trader Joe’s and ultimately have a winning grocery philosophy that unites good food with control over production.

On average in that previous article they were the cheapest grocery store to shop at because they focus on “less” selection and more control of the brands offered in their stores because they largely focus on private label products (brands they own). With that strategy they also get a few more advantages including controlling ingredients, packaging and more. This article in Reader’s Digest discusses products they won’t sell anymore; a few of the main reasons why one should shop there aside from cost. Because they control much of the manufacturing, they can take ethical stands that other grocers can’t.

Pittsburg Actions Being Taken to Conform Budget Amid Covid 19 Revenues Shortfalls

If this is happening in Pittsburg, it is likely happening in many communities. As communities collect less in taxes from things like hotel revenues, etc. then there will be shortfalls on budgets. That means creative solutions and cuts would be needed. Here’s some of the actions Pittsburg is taking to account for a potential $7.5 million expected shortfall so far. They are offering qualified employees who are not health / emergency workers a chance at early retirement options, and more. It’s an interesting view into some of the ways all of our communities will have to adjust moving forward.

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