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What We're Following Today May 4, 2020

What We’re Following Today May 4, 2020

Free Hidden Picture Printouts for Kids

We tried this today because a friend posted a “what’s wrong with this picture” image on Facebook today and we had a good time (me and my kids). So I found some other things online including a cool find and color exercise for the letter A.

Looking for something to do with young ones? These are great when looking for some things to see the little ones busy while you write a what we’re following segment…haha

How Sick Will Social Security Be After Coronavirus?

This article in Motley Fool by Dan Caplinger looks at how Coronavirus could impact the social security system in the future. While no one can predict the future, it is good to think about how long term economic depression / recession can impact necessary services like Social Security, etc.

With potentially long term unemployment figures being higher than pre-coronavirus days, that would mean less taxes / revenues being gleaned to supply social security. How long and how much of an impact that will be is yet to be seen.

Good news, short term impact is likely not hit too much, but long term, there cold be things that impact what the system can provide. No need to panic yet, but certainly we need to pay attention to how our country recovers and continues to fund retirement income that so many people currently and will depend on in the future.

How to Be Agile In Your Career Post Covid

Sheila Callahan is a contributor to She discusses how we can remain competitive in today’s environment after Covid has changed the employment landscape so drastically in such a short time.

Be nimble, and don’t be too wedded to your treasured “experience” at least in the short term. And don’t forget your friends and networks. Reach out, re-engage and cultivate “RELATIONSHIPS” that will keep you invigorated as you search for more opportunities.

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