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What We're Following Today May 28, 2020

Squirrel Proof Feeders? On Steroids...

As my stepfather says, the squirrels will always win. But sometimes the fun is in the trying. Watch this viral video on squirrel obstacle courses for 15 minutes of fun :) I wish I had the resources, and abilities to create something this clever and entertaining - no wonder it has millions of views :)

Career Reinvention

Feeling stagnant? Been forced into a change? Or just feel like you want to shake things up a bit in your career? Then this might be a helpful podcast about cultivating your network, and introspection. I am guilty of not following my own advice on this frequently, but relationships are what we are about at Generation Bridge. Relationships are part of our human nature and no amount of technology can replace it - BUT for some reason we keep trying to replace relationship and fellowship with technology. Technology is GREAT to help augment your relationship, but no one should look to it as a "replacement" for the need we all have for person to person interaction "together" in commune.

When COVID ends, and we can resume our in-person events we will because we know that it is the most effective communication we have (learning from others and being exposed to new and different ideas we may not have been searching for). In person events / meetings / communication is still the most effective communication in our spiritual lives as we look to form a stronger relationship with our creator and as we re-evaluate our careers and where we want to go. Relationships with others can foster doors being opened and can generate creative solutions from others with outside perspectives.

This was an interesting look at some individuals who wrote into the podcasters with their desires for a career pivot. "People" can point you in new directions if you are able to as they mention - if you can help provide value on generating sales or revenue for companies who are invariably hurting for cash in this particular market.

A Senior in Fairfield County / Southwestern Connecticut? Check in with SWCAA

Your agency on aging in your local area will likely have a lot of resources for those who are aging in your community. Programs abound from information resources to volunteerism to programs meant to provide direct support to our community (meals on wheels, etc.). Here's a link to our local Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging where you can find information about COVID and other resources available to caregivers and our senior community.

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