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What We’re Following Today May 26, 2020

Family Handyman - Things Homeowners Should Be Doing but May Not Be Doing

Here’s a comprehensive list of things homeowners should be doing in or around their house regularly. I have to admit, I am guilty of letting many of these fall by the wayside but this article is a helpful tool for current homeowners, future homeowners and renters to consider as part of their home maintenances.

Hard to believe they have identified 51 items here, but I’m sure there are more. The swiffer wall cleaning, fridge maintenance, baking soda on the couch, and oven door cleaning are a couple I think I may tackle in the next couple of weeks.

Social Media Influencer Provides Tips for Better Zoom / Video Conference Presence

Here’s a video from Marnie Goldberg (Ms. GoldGirl) and in it she discusses some ways to make your presence on your video calls more impactful / help you to look the part while broadcasting from your home office / home.

Admittedly this applies more for women as Ms. Goldberg is best known for fashion and makeup advice, but we can all take things like lighting and appearance into consideration when we show ourselves “virtually”. That said, I don’t think I’ll be donning any makeup any time soon, but maybe I’ll learn enough to be dangerous and impress my wife with my new knowledge on bronzer haha. Here’s her video on 10 tips for makeup, lighting and setup for your next zoom conference. Side note - don’t forget to turn off video if you go to the restroom as one example video used in this piece will demonstrate - gulp...

10 Ideas for Intergenerational Fun

Here’s a list of 10 activities to try for some Intergenerational fun in your family or home. Many of these I think could be done virtually - even things like cooking. Imagine that gramma wants to cook with the grandkids, why couldn’t she make the same recipe at the same time as the grandkids with a little help from parents for preparation etc? Also, with multiple devices, virtual tours could be done for museums, etc. when browsing together it’s easy to imagine how a grandparent can walk a kid through memories and more.

Click here for some new ideas in our social isolation world :)

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