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What We’re Following Today May 26, 2020

Georgia’s Go Back to School Plans - um...huh?

Ok. We know all towns, states and our country are trying to think through ways to limit exposure to risk among students and teachers. There are also VERY smart people involved and we can take comfort in this. But I think something else needs to be admitted, these are simply ways to reduce risk, not stop the spread.

The disease will continue to spread because that is it’s purpose - to infect and move on. Unfortunately this disease like many others can cause harm so we do need to take steps to reduce the risks of transmission. School gatherings will indeed be a potential hot spot as kids get together in enclosed spaces and teachers and children interact.

The only way to stop the spread is total quarantine of all people for a prolonged period of time...but we all know this is nearly impossible to do. On the flip side we shouldn’t have the hubris to believe that we can systematize our risks to microscopic threats...the schools in Georgia are outlining their policies to come back to school...we’ll see how it works, but in the end, these processes might simply be an exercise in futility which might lend us to start to think how we change the hearts of men versus try to regulate their behaviors to the nth degree.

In these policies, do these guidelines make one safer or simply make one feel safer because they are in place? Will kids be washing hands more often? Sanitizing more often? Understanding how they feel better and communicating that to teachers and parents before entering classes, etc.? How do children get into these habits so that they are habitual- in the end this may have the greatest long term impact as coronavirus will pass, but future outbreaks and other sicknesses (including the flu) will come back and forming good habits will be the best way to combat outbreaks in the future. Also, kids over 2 wearing masks all day long???????

We need to get back to schools for people to work, for better education, and for socialization. We should take precautions, but let’s also look at these processes and truly evaluate whether or not it will have an impact before making it a requirement...

Staying Healthy During Pandemic

Here’s some good advice on staying healthy during the pandemic. As with most health & wellness advice, it is very common sense oriented, but despite its consistency over the years, we still don’t often follow it habitually. So, a few reminders here and there from around the globe can’t hurt. Here’s some advice from a US military publication in the Japanese region - eat well, exercise, sleep well etc ;)

Intergenerational Duets that Would Be Fun To Hear

This little blurb was fun. Who might be some cool Intergenerational duets that would be fun to hear. Taylor Swift and Dolly Parton? And a few others. It’s kind of fun to see the names and think what the sound might be and what songs they might collaborate on :)

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