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What We’re Following Today May 19, 2020

Ravi Zacharias Passed Away Today

Many people know who Ravi Zacharias is and many don’t, but his logical reasoning and apologetics (defense) into the Christian Faith meant a lot to me personally as I have become more committed in my faith. His videos on YouTube helped me to come to grips with some of my doubts and helped me to fully believe in the miracles and supernatural world that surrounds Christianity.

My logical mind had many questions and his logical approaches to arguments against the belief and his approach to understanding that a Christian faith is a journey - one that is as much individual as it is in congregation. And his openness to all while still being true to his convictions was also a great example of how to be committed to something but not being “holier than thou“. I feel he represented something that we all strive for in today’s divided environment- a willingness to be open to another side, committed to his side, and yet still maintain dignity and respect in the debate. And for many of us, that is some of the best things about religion, the ability for people of all walks of life to come together in common faith but yet be able to openly talk about differences in opinion.

Debate isn’t an ugly word when the parties have respect for each other. You may not convince the other, but you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of each other. I can’t say I agreed with everything he believed, but he did help me better understand and articulate my own commitment to Christ as our savior, and that commitment’s influence on my own life changes towards trying to be a better man. We lost a great man who has helped many around the world in so many ways...for a little more about him, feel free to click on this link.

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