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What We’re Following Today May 18, 2020

A Great DIY Recipe For Bubbles

My wife did this today with the girls. She did the corn syrup, dish soap mixture because the bubbles apparently rise higher. The result - girls who giggled with laughter as they chased them around to pop them. I don’t think they saw a difference from a store bought set of bubbles AND my wife and I feel like it was even better with bigger bubbles that were more colorful because of a purple dish soap :)

Estate Planning Tips for Those With Neurological or Brain Images

This article in Forbes details some good tips to take action on today for your estate planning needs, especially if you are dealing with brain diseases etc.

Think things through like when we’re you diagnosed (or when was a loved one diagnosed). For conditions like dementia, it is best to take action soon after the diagnosis when brain function is at its best. You’ll want to take the precautions needed to make sure you or a loved one has their say “when” they can still have their say. You also want to make sure you set up the contingencies to allow people to make decisions for you - people you trust and who care about your best wishes.

There are many other nuggets in here, but as we get distracted in the coronavirus environment we need to remember that the same issues that were present before coronavirus are still going to be present after coronavirus becomes a smaller concern.

What’s nice about this article is that it gives some nice tips across a variety of neurological conditions from migraines to Alzheimer’s.

Las Vegas Housing Market Could Be Transformed by Coronavirus

This is a helpful article outlining some of the prospective opportunities and challenges around the coronavirus pandemic. We may see suburban living take on increased importance as people want to get away from crowds and at the same time there could be some fire sales for those with the means to buy at a discount.

Rentals may become more prevalent as well. In the end, no one knows for sure Gods will in all this, but around all the challenges we all must continue to live and get through it. In that ever present spirit we find new ways to adapt and survive. Read through this to think about how you might want to prepare as it pertains to real estate in today’s market.

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