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What We’re Following Today May 13, 2020

How Many People Are Using Video Conferencing Now?

A post in emarketer references a survey conducted in Business Insider back in April about platforms used for videoconferencing. There are a couple of things that would be helpful to know in the data like a comparative pre-pandemic value to see what increases have happened, a refresher based on more recent data to see speed of adoption, and perhaps a frequency gauge (daily, weekly, etc.). These would help paint a picture on current usage, but even outside of that it is clear that many are using these forms of communication to connect in new and different ways.

As a group who firmly believes there is “no” substitute for human to human contact, it is nice to know that we have resources out there which can help us to connect visually when in person contact may not be possible. This shows some good stats on platforms that might warrant more investment of your time or which ones would be more popular to use as you start reaching out to people in different ways.

Some Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs

Here’s a list from a to give you some ideas of what you need to do to prepare your entrepreneurial venture for success. Some things are common sense, but given the unemployment rate out there now, starting a new business would need to follow common sense tactics. Take a look - as we struggle to get back to pre-Covid business, think about these items if you find yourself putting yourself out there on your own.

Alzheimer’s Association to Offer Caregiver Training

There’s a free online caregiver training through the Alzheimer’s Association in Hawaii - they are doing local trainings all around the US. Check their sites and those of the Senior Centers or Agencies on Aging to find out what courses on caregiving or other topics are available to you!

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