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What We're Following Today May 12, 2020

Today I started thinking through some things that I need to get "back" to work on personally - our accountability team has been somewhat on hiatus in the last month - and we need to get that back on track. For those who may not be aware, I belong to a small accountability group of 3 people who look out to help each other meet certain health and wellness goals we have each established in the short term and long term.

Heading into the birth of my son Jacob, I was 25 pounds down and eating better. I wasn't working out (running) as much as I would have liked because of the Covid life changes we all have (i.e., my toddlers don't allow me much time for exercise now that they are home all day and I can only really do other things at the nap break...). My faith helps me tremendously in this quest, but I have not been as dilligent in doing the morning prayer to get my head ready for the day's battle (accessible granola bars, m&ms and more have been my downfall as I have gone backwards and gained 5 pounds back...)

So I need to get my head right again and I wanted to share some things I was looking for today on re-establishing the good habits it had taken me so long to get back into my daily routine over the last 8 months...

Here's an article in that illustrates some healthy ways to increase willpower (see below). I'm off to the market to get some dark chocolate as we speak and we'll address sleep when Jacob gets a little more predictable as well. And of course a daily prayer (meditation) has to be reinstated :)

Accountability groups work in business and some of the same tips found in this article may help our accountability group get back in practice so we can meet in October and celebrate our victories :) Re-establishing our metrics and figuring out some better tracking might be a great way to start ...

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