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What We're Following Today March 30, 2020

Some Great Resources for Virtual Training Design

The Association for Talent Development is a great organization that I would say is primarily a resource for those in HR, but for small businesses who may not need HR departments, but need to think about ways to help their staff compete in a digital world (especially during times like these), it is also a good place to pic up some ideas that could translate to your business.

On this page you will see a lot of links out to different places that contain helpful tips, insights and tools that could be used for your own internal training needs OR things that could be used to give your business another tool to battle in an isolated economy.

Anxiety - Don’t Let It Win

In Houston, a psychiatrist answered questions people have about battling anxiety in this Coronavirus world. It’s an important point. We’re surrounded by negative news (some warranted and some inflamed), but new thing feels like it is the most critical thing to worry and then all of a sudden something new takes its place until you fall into a cascading waterfall of anxiety. I see this in people’s posts online and to some extent feel these things myself.

That’s why I wanted to find a couple of resources to help people who might be feeling varying degrees of anxiety starting with this article from Houston Public Media. There is an audio file to play on that where a psychiatrist takes calls and provides answers. About 55 minutes in length, I won’t say I listened to it in its entirety, but if you need some background noise while working from home, you might actually find some of the stories relevant to your situation. Hopefully you might find some of the perspectives helpful:

Not everyone takes comfort in a religious perspective, but for those who do (like me), this article might be a good one for you. Anxiety isn’t necessarily avoidable, but perpetual anxiety is something you can remove yourself from.

Take Ownership of Your Health - 13 Tips on WebMD to Strengthen Your Immune System

Here’s a nice little slide show that illustrates some things you can do. The first one, kick back and relax - so a less stressful / less anxious life can help you stay stronger. The longer you succumb to anxiety, the weaker you may be making your immune system. Generation Bridge loves the callout of building your social network - not online, but strong meaningful connections through things like volunteering, joining new groups, etc. will help you live longer. Washing your hands comes in as well. See the whole list here:

Update on my health: Friday I posted that I was feeling well, and that continued through the weekend. Whatever I had, it seems to have passed through my system and has not shown itself in my family. So God willing, we’re hoping this is behind us.

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