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HAND SANITIZER - How to Make Your Own…

My wife shared this with me today because her work colleague shared it with her. All of us are wondering why hand sanitizer is the source of mad crazy retail store runs while soap is still well stocked in most stores…

Ok, we love the convenience of hand sanitizer in our home (as our children call it - Hanitizer). Well thanks to this article, you can now make your own hand sanitizer using rubbing alcohol and aloe gel. Not difficult at all.


So let’s keep going down this path…

13 More Amazing Homemade Cleaners

According to Better Homes & Gardens you can make a lot of your own cleaning products at home. This little slide show is a great look at some of the things you can do on your own once you know the raw ingredients and amounts. Quite honestly, it might be worth printing out and having on record. In a pinch, maybe you don’t need to go to the store if you have these products on hand already. The air freshener recipe is on my radar…great if you plan to have an open house too…


Now - How About Ways to Save Money???

Americasaves.org is a site for people to consider ways to save money / make their budgets last longer. Their tagline, Start Small Think Big - reminiscent of so many other things in our lives - in order to change habits we need to start small in order to achieve the big goals we want (I.e., healthy living, weight loss, studying, etc.). Little changes to a behavior can have an amazing impact on our lives.

This list of 54 ways to save money has some nice little ideas in there. Things like mindset and actual behavioral suggestions are all part of the list. You may be doing many of these already, but it’s always worth a look when considering ways to save - example - how much do we REALLY take advantage of our libraries when it comes to entertainment?????


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