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What We’re Following Today March 2, 2020

Coronavirus - some helpful info.

The world is in a tizzy over Coronavirus and it should be. Any time there is a communicable disease that could kill a human, it needs to be taken seriously. But the level of “panic” at this point is likely overstated. What we need to do, is panic under control ;)

Here are some things to consider:

  • To date: in the US they have classified 88 cases with a second death recently attributed. That’s inline with the 2-3% mortality rate in other regions around the world. Both deaths were in older adults with pre-existing conditions.

  • Globally 90,000 cases reported and 3,000 deaths.

Here’s a good piece in the NYTimes that provides a summary of what is happening:

Some Comparison Points of Flu Versus Coronavirus

The NYTimes also leads off the previous link to a helpful look at a comparison between coronavirus and our common flu. Outside of the political commentary (this should not be he/she/they are making XXX happen) it provides some good data on the differences between the two viruses.

  • Coronavirus can be transmitted on par with the flu but has a mortality rate that is higher (2% versus .1%).

  • It will continue to expand, but we’ll see how quickly - still much lower than common flu

  • Children seem less at risk of coronavirus. Seems most dangerous for older adults, potentially males may be more at risk based on info from China.

  • But as of “right now,” it is vastly less dangerous than our common flu. Even with a mortality rate vastly lower, there are 10’s of thousands of deaths attributed annually to the common flu.

  • As of Feb 18, US Common flu numbers. 32 million cases, 310,000 hospitalizations and 18,000 deaths. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay very focused attention on a new virus coming through, but we do need to understand what we are doing is acting very emotionally - fueled by media that knows we’ll watch and drive readership more when in panic mode. Do worry, do pay attention, don’t panic. Do the things in your control to minimize your risk which is basically the same as what you do to avoid the flu! If you’re sick, don’t go to work, and avoid shaking hands...

  • The simple things will help slow/reduce transmission. Things like hand washing and disinfecting things can keep things cleaner. If you can’t find hand sanitizer, That’s OK, there’s plenty of soap available! Hand washing is as effective or “more” effective.

  • And if you have a fever, head into the doctors office or other medical facility and simply get checked out. Here’s a quote from the article below: “The first symptoms, fever and cough, are similar to that of the flu, so the diseases can be hard to tell apart without a test to identify the virus. Pneumonia is common among coronavirus patients, even among those whose cases are not severe.” Earlier diagnosis can help you figure out what to do...

What Is The CDC Saying

Here’s what the CDC is saying...this can be the most unbiased look and best look at what needs to be done. They lay out the facts on what is happening and what they are doing as well as things we can do to stay informed and protected. If you are really looking to understand the disease, simply look through this article. They will be updating with new information frequently I am sure. Just understand, working off emotion and fear is not usually the best tact to take. Read the facts, take your own precautions and stay alert to what the experts say.

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